Matthew Borrett shot and produced a masterful video of the 2017 AT&T Streaming Lights at Reunion Tower New Year’s Eve fireworks show. Working with Matthew had a lot of perks, he is patient, he is skilled at follow-up and he is able to provide thoughtful answers to questions about process or mechanics. It was very important to our team that the final product illustrated the individual brands of the show’s sponsors, as well as the combined brand of the show – Matthew nailed it. Words can’t express how impressed we were that he was able to capture so many nuances of our special event, but the final product illustrates it perfectly.
— Katie Chaumont, Public Relations Manager, Reunion Tower
Matthew and his team made my project very simple. He was very easy to work with and had everything done for me a timely manner. Matthew made sure to ask questions that I didn’t even think to ask, which was very helpful! I’d highly recommend booking him for your brand needs. Fast, fair pricing and detail oriented!
— Amber Bufkin, Marketing Manager, Omni Dallas Hotel
Matthew Borrett spoke to our Corporate Video class this year about creating time-lapse videos, which can be an effective visual element in many types of  video projects. He shared many behind-the-scenes details about what it takes to plan this type of video, along with the equipment and software that help make it happen. Matthew was able to explain the technical aspects of the work in a way that was easy to understand, and had great information about finding the best locations and securing the permissions needed to shoot there. Our students had lots of questions about the process, and Matthew’s expertise was refreshing and well-received.”
— LaDonna Aiken, The University of Texas at Arlington
Matthew helped us to capture the fireworks display at our annual outdoor holiday event, and the final results were breathtaking. We needed a videographer that could be trusted with the project, especially because our shooting location was in a private residence. We were impressed with his efficiency and 100% professionalism throughout the shoot and the quick turnaround time for the final product. The time-lapse footage will serve as a valuable tool for marketing this event in future years, and we are very happy that we collaborated with Matthew and to capture it at the best possible resolution and quality.”
— Bill Spellman, Associate Director of digital marketing, At&T Performing Arts Center